Why Christian Girls are Lured and Forcefully Converted to Islam

A Special Publication of the Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO) on 3rd August, 2018

We write this report with a grieved heart and utter disappointment at the situation of things especially that of the right and privileges of the Christians in Northern Nigeria, but still hopeful to God for the end of these abnormalities in the shortest possible time.

It has become expedient for us as God’s Steward in Northern Nigeria and the Hausa Land in particular to alert the Christian Communities in Nigeria especially those living in Northern Nigeria on the current as well as the impending danger targeted toward our Christian Girls and even the Married Women. This message has no intension whatsoever of accusing anyone or looking at Islam as a bad religion, but it is meant to expose the evils done to the Christians in the name of Islam. We know and acknowledge the fact that there are good Muslims and that not all Muslims engage or support these atrocities especially what we are revealing today. From the response we get every day, we do realize that there are some Muslims who claimed to be ignorant of these ungodly acts done on the Christians in Northern Nigeria, but these evils are happening in all the Northern States of this Country. The Christians have been suffering these for more than 40 years in Nigeria, and instead of reducing, it is escalating every day. It has therefore, become so important to us at the Hausa Christians Foundation to enlighten our Brethren and the world in general about it because many people are still falling victims unknowingly.

We consider the following testimonies of the 11 girls the Hausa Christians Foundation has rescued from June 2017 to October 2018 to be a caution to all the Christians in Nigeria. These rescued girls are not only Hausa Christians, but among them also are Igala, Bajju, Igbo, and Kurama. That is to say that it is a concern for every Christian. More than 15 cases were reported to us in one year from Kano State, Kaduna State, Zamfara State, Katsina State, Niger State, Bauchi, Abuja, Plateau and Adamawa State. In other words, these cases of abduction of Christian Girls are a common phenomenon in all the Northern States of Nigeria. Below is the sequence of which Christian Girls are abducted, forcefully Islamized and married off without the consent of their biological parents:

  1. Many Muslim youth always come to our Christian girls on a mission. They start casually, normal greetings, jokes, acts of kindness, buying gifts and things for them. At this stage, no one will suspect anything, but the person on the mission knows what he is doing. These people sent on this mission get sponsors from mosques or individuals. When they get the gifts or the items they subject them to all forms of charms and incantations. At this point the girl becomes more relax and thinks that all is well.

  1. Any contact the girl will make with these items is an exchange of her life and consent to the man, the more she receives these gifts, the more they get her.

  1. They ensure that the parents of the girl are completely out of the picture until they have total control of her mind and spirit. Sometimes, you hear them calling these girls “my wife” and they’ll be playing and joking with each other even in the presence of mostly the mother. The more takes it casual, but something much more than that is going on behind the scene.

  1. The moment they took hold of her mind, she does everything they ask her to do, the next thing is to kidnap her and detain her for some days where they will perfect their enchantment, convert her to Islam, get married to her with the support of the Muslim clerics and then send for her parents to tell them about their daughter’s conversion.

  1. At this point the parents are usually full of surprised and begin to recall all the strange things that they have been observing before their daughter was abducted. While the parents fight for the release of their daughter these abductors continue to have sex with her, hypnotized her food, drinks, clothes, where she sleeps, perpetually evoke evil spirit upon her to the point that she is no longer herself. (Usually, the moment a Christian girl is abducted they ensure that they get married to her within one or two weeks. She will be sexually abused even before the marriage to make the parents give up on her when she becomes pregnant).

  1. At this point she can deny her parents and will be able to do anything they ask her to do. Some of the girls will even threaten to kill their parents if the parents insist that they must return back to them. But they do all these not in their right senses.

  1. If by any means they will release her, it will be when they are sure she won’t be of any use to the parents and even at that they will go after the girl to kill her or kidnap her again.

  1. From the testimonies of these rescued girls, we uncovered underground plans of sponsorship and rewarding of any Muslim man that successfully lured abducted, Islamized and married any Christian girl. The men that engage in these acts don’t need to have money to marry and maintain these kidnapped Christian girls as wives. A special contribution of money, food items and other items will be made for them.

  1. The men will be celebrated and regarded as heroes. At this point, when the parents of the girls will insist on rescuing their daughters, they won’t have access to the real persons that abducted and sleep with their daughters, instead the Islamic leaders and the village heads and even the district heads of that community will rally around them and give them protection. Before they know it, signal will be sent to the Local government authority and the Division Police Headquarters of the area, and that is how the entire authorities of the area will join the Muslims to protect these kidnappers and eventually frustrate the parents of these girls.

  1. None of the abductors of these eleven girls was brought to book, because the authorities that ought to do so are the same people supporting and protecting them. In most cases these abductors together with their Islamic leaders will be threatening a riot or attacks on the girls’ families if the abducted girls are given back to their families. And the LGA and Securities will capitalize on that not to release the girls to avoid riot while the parents of the girls continue to languish in pain.

  1. These are the common strategies used to kidnap, Islamize, marry and abuse our Christian girls in Northern Nigeria. There are however some exceptions, whereby some of the girls are just kidnapped, detained and abused.

Many Christians wonder why the Muslims keep attacking and somewhat attracted to the Christian Girls, the ones they regard as infidels. One would have thought that a clean or holy person will be running away from what he or she calls unclean. Unfortunately that is not the case. The bible clearly says that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it? (Jeremiah 17:9). While Jesus is working in the hearts of as many as believe in Him to give them a new heart of love, mercy, compassion and kindness, the Allah of Islam is busy nurturing such wickedness in the lives of all the Muslims all over the world. Instead of healing them he is using them to cause more harm on as many that are not Muslims. Islam has become the platform that nurtures all manners of evils; as long as it is done in the name of Islam, it is a good thing. That is why killing of those that are Christians is a thing of pride, raping our girls and kidnapping them even though they are seen as unclean or infidels will give you a special place in their paradise. Islam has a hidden agenda to rain down brimstone on the Christians until they become Muslims. Nothing devastates a Muslim like seeing a Christian happy, living in peace and progressing. And so, they have resolved to wreak havoc on all Christians to make the Christians uncomfortable because they believe by so doing the Christians will give up and accept Islam. Islam has never been accepted by the true will of the converts.

The incessant kidnapping of the Christian girls and the forceful conversion to Islam is another form of Jihad in the 21st Century. They have two major aims for doing that: To inflict pain on the parents of the girl and the Christian community; and to impregnate the girl to add to their claims that Islam is the fasted growing religion in the world. They are doing it on purpose. They know that the tendency to succeed on the men is very low. That is why they resort to attacking, the ill-informed younger women to reproduce with them. We wonder how the infidels will be used to advance such a holy and clean religion like Islam. Holy people supposed to do holy things with holy people only. But we know what the religion is all about. Everything is welcome no matter how evil and inhumane, as long as it will help Allah. Especially the killings, the attacking, kidnapping, raping and enslaving of Christians. It is high time to understand and accept this truth: “EVERY MUSLIM IS A JIHADIST”. It doesn’t matter how close and friendly he or she is to you. If he doesn’t harm you directly, he will harm you indirectly by opening doors for others to come in. The greatest ambition of every Muslim is to make every Christian a slave and force him or her to pay them high taxes (Koran 9:29).

It is easier to prevent such a thing from occurring than to go after any girl to rescue her. The harm done on our girls by these Islamists is beyond words and we cannot afford to continue to suffer such harms any more. While we continue to live in peace and love for one another, we must never continue to be ignorant of the environment in which we find ourselves. We must live wisely and time conscious.

May God bless Us and continue to deliver us from all forms of evil in Jesus Mighty Name.


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