Become Our Partner

As a Partner you mean a lot to us

Who is a HACFO Partner?

A HACFO’s partner is a person who understands and aligns him/herself to the vision of HACFO and is committed to giving regularly and consistently towards the various arms of partnership while praying towards the success of the cause of all our partnership arms and HACFO programs. There are various Partnership arms of the Ministry, which present a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the grace and unique blessings that rests upon our Mandate.

HACFO Partners are vital members of the HACFO family. Through their prayers and financial support, they help fulfill God’s plan of saving the lost and perfecting the saints of the Hausa Land. Together, we are reclaiming the Hausa Land for the Lordship Jesus Christ.

The Priceless Roles You Play as Our Partner

We need you. None of the things we do in HACFO would be possible without the support of our partners.

Your faithful support helps us reach the Hausa Land with the Gospel truth and restoring hope of the Hausa Christians in Nigeria.

Partnership with HACFO makes a great difference in the lives of the Hausa Christians in Nigeria.

How to Partner With Us.

  1. Pass Across our messages to all the people around you to let the world know what we are doing.

  2. Pray along with us everyday

  3. Become a Financial Partner (Donate to HACFO financially to fulfill its mandate)