Our Missions focus on uniting the Body of Christ in the Hausa Land, Bringing a powerful and lasting Revival of the Church in the Hausa Land, Perfecting the saints and winning more souls for Christ. We achieve this through Mission conferences, Mission outreaches, Mission Training and Missionary Services and Christian Literatures and Publications

Media Division

Through media, we reach a wider audience with the Gospel of Christ, effectively enlighten the world on our programs. Our media comprises of units like Information Technology, Audio-Visuals, Info-graphics, and Publishing of edifying Christian literatures.

Health and Human Services Divison

In our desire to see our people live a healthy and prosperous life, we organize Free Medical Outreaches and Primary Health Care Services, Health Education and Sensitization Programs and Rescued Victims Rehabilitation Programs.

Advocacy Division

We see advocacy as a vital tool for restoring the dignity and freedom of our people. We speak and fight for those who cannot speak or fight for themselves. In our believe that all humans are created equal irrespective of tribe, gender or religion, we advocate for the upholding the sanctity of life, protection of fundamental human rights, religious freedom, girl child education and encourage peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance.

Education and Empowerment Programs

We believe in the power of education as a vital tool for the total development of humanity. We encourage our people to be properly educated, skillfully and economically empowered, and mentally liberated through our Schools Educational Programs and Outreaches, Empowerment Programs, Christian Religious Knowledge Support Programs, Enlightenment Programs and Research, History and Documentation.