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To bring hope to our hopeless people, courage to the fearful, boldness to contend for our faith in Christ and rebuild the tenacity in the Hausa Christians in Nigeria to face the future without fear or doubt.


Reaffirming our existence, our origin, and our identity; advocating for justice and religious freedom and to mobilize a productive workforce and resources for Missions in the Hausa Land


To liberate the oppressed Christians by especially becoming a voice for the emancipation of the Hausa Christians in Nigeria from all forms of marginalization and to equip them for the Master’s Work.

Our History


The mandate of the Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO) came as an instruction from God (Yahweh) to the Founder in what seems like in the order of God’s call to Moses to liberate the children of the Israelites from bondage of the enemy. The Lord spoke to the founder on 28th June, 2018 in very clear terms after experiencing and witnessing continuous acts of injustices, abuses and marginalization meted on the Northern Christians especially the Hausa Christians. The Hausa Christians who many claimed that they don’t even exist have suffered so many unjust treatments especially in the area of forceful abduction, Islamization, child marriage and sexual abuses of the young Hausa Christians Girls. The Lord gave this instruction to the Founder; “THIS IS THE TIME TO ACT, ACT NOW!” Absolute conviction on the Lord’s instruction and a simple act of obedience gave birth to the Hausa Christians Foundation. After forty days of acting on the Lord’s instruction, the Lord honored His word and used the founder to champion the cause of the freedom of the first victim. The founder at the time of receiving the instruction from the Lord misinterpreted the it to mean just to act and rescue the first victim, but her victory gave hope and boldness to many Christians in Northern Nigeria who began to open up and report issues that no one wouldn’t imagine were happening in Nigeria. While celebrating the victory of rescuing the first victim, two more girls were reported to us and the lord used the founder and other people who later joined him within a short time to rescue and reunite them back to their families.

Ever since then, the Lord has been honoring and confirming His words with signs and wonders and astonishing victories. The more we continue to take each step of faith, the Lord was there to guide us and so the vision became clearer and bigger. We started with the name; “Voice for the Emancipation of the Hausa Christians in Nigeria (VEHCIN) and later changed to Hausa Christians Foundation (HACFO) in the cause of our registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria.

As the vision became clearer, we understood the Lord leading us to base our focus on 5 key areas namely:

  1. Christian Missions

  2. Education and Empowerment Programs

  3. Health and Human Services

  4. Advocacy

  5. Media

Our Core Values

  • Fulfilling the Great Commission through Strategic Missions

  • Setting the Captives Free from the Operations of the Devil through Mental and Spiritual Empowerment

  • We anchored our entire activities on our faith in Christ Jesus as the Son of God and the Saviour of the World, and the supremacy of God’s word over and above everything.

  • We believe that all people are created equal irrespective of religion, gender or tribe, and so it is illegal to oppress any one. We hate injustice of whatever form

  • We are committed to the cause of our freedom of worship, rights and privileges.

  • We will not compromise our faith and vision due to pressure or pleasure.