Background and Belief System of the Hausa People Group

Hausa is a tribe and not a religion. Hausa people are predominantly found in the Northern part of Nigeria and other parts of African countries like Niger, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Chad, Ghana, Sudan, Togo, Gabon, Algeria, Congo, and Burkina Faso. But originally, the Hausa people are from Nigeria.
Hausa as a tribe and its people predate the advent of Christianity and Islam. Just like any other tribe in Africa, some people among the Hausas accepted Islam as their religion of choice, while others accepted Christianity as their religion while others still adhere to the practice of the Hausa traditional religion (Maguzanci, which the Hausa Muslims refer to as the Maguzawas to mean infidels).
Hausa Christian Foundation
Hausa Christian Foundation
Hausa Christian Foundation
In other words, the Hausa people existed even before the coming of Islam or Christianity. Hausa language is the most predominantly spoken language in northern Nigeria. The language is spoken by both the Hausa people and other people living in northern Nigeria. Predominantly, the Hausa Christians are farmers. They believe in using their hands to feed themselves and even give to others and never be over dependent on the government or anybody. Throughout the north, you will never find a Hausa Christian begging on the streets or going from one public office to another begging for money or food.

Beliefs and Facts About the Hause People

There are basically 4 Categories of belief systems among the Hausa People:
There are over 20 million Hausas in Nigeria that have not been reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. About 60% of these people have never had any contact with any kind of Christian missionary.
The Hausa land is ripe for a great harvest of souls yet hundreds of them are dying and perishing every day, because only few Christians are willing to reach out to them and tell them about the love of Jesus Christ.
The Hausa Land is too hostile toward any form of Christian activities.
Many unbelievers in the Hausa land want to come to Christ but the fear of losing their lives is preventing them, and very few Christians are ready and willing to welcome them when they receive Christ.
The intensity of the persecution the Christians in Northern Nigeria, especially the Hausa Christians are passing through is increasing by the day. Hardships and pains are becoming the order of the day and life is becoming meaningless and hopeless for many.
The Christians are losing their lives and properties on a daily basis. New converts are at the risk of losing their lives or being subjected to a severe torture until they denounce Christ.
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The Hausa Demography

The Population estimates of Nigeria based on interpolation of data from World Population Prospects states the following:

Population Distribution of Major Ethnic Groups in Nigeria

1 %
1 %
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Igbo (Ibo)
1 %

The Hausa People In Africa (Regions with Significant Populations)

The Estimated Population of The Hausa People in The World 95.6 million - 105.8 million