Hausa Christians Foundation

Our Causes


Responsible for getting and giving the necessary support for the Hausa Christians to gain access to education across the entire Hausa Christians communities in Nigeria.Sees to the establishment of at least Nursery and primary Schools in all the villages of the Hausa Christians communities through communities’ efforts, partnerships with Government, NGOs and other Developmental Partners. Encourages and organizes adult literacy and learning of skills acquisition and trades.

HACFO also empowers the farmers among the Hausa Christians people, educate them on the latest technology and techniques on farming, Form a corporative for the farmers to help in securing loans and grants from the government to reach the farmers even in the remote villages and provides income-based food assistance.

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Establishing clinics and primary healthcare facilities in all the Communities of the Hausa People.Calling on the attention of the Government on the health care needs in our localities. Collating a database for all the medical personnel among the Hausa Christians from across Nigeria and have an umbrella in which they will be meeting to brainstorm on helping the Hausa Christian Communities across the country through medical missions and outreaches. Organizing health related sensitization programs and medical outreaches.

Rehabilitating and meeting needs of our rescued victims by organizing Christians Discipleship Programs, Rehabilitation Programs, Skills Acquisition training, Scholarship aids to victims who wish to further education, Grants for Business startups, Entrepreneurial Trainings .e.t.c

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Responsible for advising HACFO on the legal implications of all its activities and form coalition of legal luminaries who will help HACFO in fighting all the forms of injustice and educate the Hausa Christian communities on their rights and privileges as citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

This section is also responsible for encouraging participation and engagement of our people into politics.Advocating for all the Hausa Christians to be given the same platform, equal rights and privileges to vote and be voted for as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Educating the Hausa Christians on politics and leadership. Forming an association of Hausa Christian Politicians across the states where our people live. Encouraging Participation in Government and grassroots politics.

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Mission Conferences And Outreaches

Seeing to the actualization of freedom to practice our religion without fear of intimidation or discrimination.Addressing issues of indiscriminate Church demolition, prevention of churches from expanding or building new ones, and liaising with different Ministries to carryout missions and evangelisms in the Hausa lands.Keeping the Pastors united and committed to the vision of HACFO. Organizing Hausa Christians Pastors Refresher Summit where the pastors will have access to continuous spiritual growth and training from seasoned ministers of the Gospel from around the World. Partnering with Rhema Bible Training Center Nigeria and other Ministries to organize capacity building Seminars, to validate the knowledge and the skills of the Hausa Pastors to be effective in their ministries.

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Planning, designing and implementing an effective ICT and Media structure for our Foundation that will bring our activities and vision to limelight and plans that will benefit the entire Hausa Christians people and all our partners around the world through the use of Audio-Visual (Audio and Video), Web, IT and Social Media, Data Analysis and Graphics, Photography and Info-graphics and Publishing.

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